Lifetoken is a new way to engage your audience.

Social. Web3. Rewards.

Use Lifetoken to encourage participation and build loyalty among your customers, fans, followers & employees.

Lifetoken does more than just impressions and clicks. If you want to identify, engage, and fuel your brand champions, try Lifetoken. Don’t spend on impressions; invest in results.

Meet your new favorite platform. If you’re a content creator who wants to engage, excite, and expand your audience, try Lifetoken. On Lifetoken, you’re not the merchandise. And neither is your audience.

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The Platform

Enter a new world of social networking where your audience isn’t merchandise.

Lifetoken Software

Lifetoken is your audience management tool to fuel engagement. Use Lifetoken to inspire and excite your audience. Connect with your most engaged followers, uncover hidden treasure in your fanbase, and encourage your passive audience to engage with you.

Participation-Powered Marketing

Create participation-based posts on the Lifetoken platform to engage your audience in a new way. Lifetoken helps you build a more loyal community and give your audience a sense of ownership. Lifetoken bridges the gap from impressions to actions.

Cartoon image showing a content creator using Lifetoken to create a 100 LIFE event. Audience management tools are shown.


LIFE is the reward for participation with your posts on Lifetoken. You use LIFE to focus your followers on specific actions, and they receive LIFE for completing the participation journey you’ve laid out for them!

Lifetoken Marketplace

List your products and services on Lifetoken’s marketplace, and your followers can exchange LIFE for discounts, swag, unique experiences, and more. Lifetoken is loyalty rewards coupled with participation.

A Better Way

Lifetoken offers a better way of attracting, engaging, and retaining audiences locally and globally.


Attract larger audiences, talent and customers from around the world.


Engage your audiences continuously with a new type of rewards system.


Keep audiences, employees and customers loyal, to become your biggest fans and ambassadors.

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Use Cases

A new way to reward your most important people with LIFE.

Fans & Followers

Build larger more active audiences with lower acquisition costs and better engagement long-term.


Reward your customers for certain behaviors, create up-selling and cross-selling opportunities instantly.


Recruit new employees more easily by offering all employees the ability to earn LIFE in your own Lifetoken company program.

The Answer

Lifetoken’s participation-powered marketing allows you to create custom opportunities for your key audiences to reward mission critical behaviors with LIFE.


Create a post in 5 minutes or less just like your favorite social networking platforms.


Ask your audience to complete tasks, attend online events, participate in competitions or join your live stream. It’s up to you.


Reward successful participation with LIFE and give your community a reason to engage.


Your audience can reuse LIFE to create their own posts, spend on our marketplace, or swap to DYME. (1)

Image of Lifetoken mobile application showing a countdown for an event which awards 25 LIFE. Audience management features shown on right of screen.


Your audience has value.
Your social platform should recognize that.

Reward behavior and create brand champions by hosting campaigns, tasks, and events on Lifetoken. Lifetoken is an ideal audience management platform for you and a fun, engaging social platform for your followers. And with LIFE as the reward, your followers see they have value. Everyone wins.

  • Reusable on the Lifetoken network to create posts
  • Exchangeable on the Lifetoken marketplace
  • Redeemable for social recognition awards
  • Transferable to unique awards and exciting NFT avatars
Aminated image of a digital marketing using Lifetoken for audience management. Elements shown are: group participation, task completions, and earn reward.


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Jeff Dyment

Founder & CEO

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Katie Partridge


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Jonathan Morris


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Amrita Sethi

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